Mahmoud Abbas at Ziad Abu Ein's funeral
Mahmoud Abbas at Ziad Abu Ein's funeral STR/Flash 90

The Police Internal Investigations Department closed the case regarding the death of Palestinian minister Ziad Abu Ein during an altercation with a Border Policeman, without interrogating the policeman or requiring his testimony.

Arutz Sheva correspondent Inbal Tamir reports that the autopsy concluded that the minister died of a heart attack.

Despite this, soldiers and officers who were present testified during the investigation that the Border Policeman had used unreasonable force. Emily Shefer Omer-Man, a lawyer with the leftist Yesh Din organization who is representing the family of the minister complained: "At least the border policeman should have been summoned for questioning. It seems that there is no desire to get to the truth of the matter."

Internal Investigations responded: "Since policemen are authorized to use force and it is expected of them in many cases to use it, Internal Investigations will not summon a policeman for investigation if there is not a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed."