Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
Rabbi Adin SteinsaltzPhoto: PR

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz had a birthday yesterday (Sunday), and a party was held in his honor in the style of a hassidic gathering.

Rabbi Steinsaltz said at the event: "It seems that a birthday is the time for introspection. In the Bible, the only birthday mentioned is one for Pharaoh. What does Pharaoh do? He brings up memories. This person he sent to prison. This person he beheaded. Pharaoh considers his options. One he brings back to work, the other he hangs.

"It's a time of summarizing. A time to survey what's happened in the past, and to analyze things as they are now. Pharaoh's advantage was that he could hand out positions and hangings just like that. If I could do that, I'd feel better," joked the Rabbi.