Rabbi David Yosef
Rabbi David Yosef Photo: Yaakov Lederman/Flash90

Rabbi David Yosef, a member of the Shas council of Torah sages, harshly criticized the right-wing group of people who intend to hold a march around the walls of the old city of Jerusalem on the night of Tisha B'av (the Jewish day of morning for the destruction of the temple), claiming that the whole enterprise is "immodest."

In his weekly Torah class, broadcast online on KiKar Hashabbat, Rabbi Yosef said that "there is something new that's been going on these past few years, something terrible. There are groups of extreme right-wingers who march around Jerusalem. Why? They think that if Obama or Mahmoud Abbas knew that 200 right-wingers marched around Jerusalem they would relent and say that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. That's what they claim."

Rabbi Yosef didn't mince words and went on to say that the holiness of Jerusalem would be better preserved if the "Women of the Wall" would be kicked out of the western wall. "I think there are many more important things to do [than marching] if we really want to keep Jerusalem: We would preserve the sanctity of Jerusalem if we succeeded in expelling the "Women of the Wall" who desecrate the wall. If we get rid of all the abominations that are brought into Jerusalem, we'd have a better chance to keep it ours. These are the real things. If we lose Jerusalem it would be because of these things."

According to the Rabbi, the planned march around the walls is in violation of Jewish law due to the lack of separation of the sexes, and because it can lead to people breaking their fast as a result of the great heat. "Are we permitted to do these things if they're against Halakhah? Does ideology come before Halakhah? There is no doubt that this march violates Halakhah.

"And another thing. You know that these sects have very great love for the land of Israel. But what about modesty? Men and women walking together, it's licentious. This is what we have to do on Tisha B'av? How can you do such a thing?"