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Israel telecommunications company Bezeq has fired an employee for allegedly supporting Hamas and terrorism.

The employee showed Channel 2 News a letter from the company, which accuses him of "using a poster of the terror organization of Hamas, announcing the 'shahid' deaths of the two terrorists who committed a terror attack at a synagogue in Har your Facebook profile picture, for upwards of two and a half years."

The letter continues, "Moreover, you expressed support on and 'liked' the picture of the terrorist, a member of our company, who also murdered innocent people in an attack." Ala al-Jamal, an employee of Bezeq, killed a man when he ran him over in a haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem.

In response, the employee argued that it was his 6 year-old son who changed his profile picture - though a polygraph test indicates he lied.

The employee has been invited to present his side, but in an interview with Channel 2 News, he claimed that he wasn't being given fair treatment.

"Since the time that Ala abu-Jamaal committed an attack while working for Bezeq, members of the security division of Bezeq have been looking at everyone's Facebook accounts, and researching people."

"I was investigated by the security division, they even hired a private investigator," he explained.

"I told them the truth, that I did not put up that picture.

"I don't believe the polygraph, I didn't pass the test, but that doesn't mean that I'm lying. I am 47 years old, politics don't interest me, I need an income, and after 17 years they are throwing me out without a reason," he added.