Haredi man near draft office
Haredi man near draft office Flash 90. Illustrative

Rabbi Tuvia Schulzinger, one of the leaders of the fight against the draft of haredim into the army, said in a conversation with Arutz Sheva that the data presented to President Reuven Rivlin this week showing a steady rise in the number of young haredi men joining the IDF is a "flashing warning light", in his words.

"Do you know what 3,200 haredi draftees a year means? It's the destruction of the yeshiva world. Today we see clearly where the new 'fixed' draft law is leading us. The number of haredim joining the army is constantly rising and in a few years we'll reach a situation in which 85% of the haredi public will serve in the army. If someone would have suggested ten years ago that something like that would happen people would have said he's delusional," Rabbi Schulzinger lamented.

He claims that it's clear to everyone that those haredim who join the army do not remain haredi. "Whoever says otherwise is simply lying. In our city of Kiryat Atta, out of 10 graduates of the local school, 3 joined the IDF, 2 in the 'Nachal haredi' and 1 in the Givati brigade. Two out of the three became completely secular and one is semi-religious. 3,200 draftees in 2016 means 60 buses worth of lost souls."

"This piece of data is sickening, the Kollels [post-marriage Torah study institutions] in the smaller cities are emptying. I think that all haredi public figures and Rabbis need to reassess things because it can't go on like this. This is like in the era of the enlightenment, when secularism destroyed so much of European Jewry, we're going backwards with giant steps. Remember what Rabbi Shach [then leader of the haredi community in Israel] said several years ago. He said that if there would be a draft law, we were to say 'If I forget you Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill', and then leave the country. The worst part is that today you look at haredi newspapers and they're not writing anything about this calamity. Satan has managed to penetrate even the haredi community, and soon nothing will be left of it," the Rabbi warned.