Security vehicles near Baqaa
Security vehicles near Baqaa Reuters

A Jordanian court on Thursday sentenced a man to death for killing five intelligence agents in their office in a Palestinian Arab “refugee camp” in June, AFP reported, citing state media.

Amman's state security court "sentenced the criminal Mahmud Masharfeh to death by hanging for his terrorist act against the intelligence agency," the kingdom's official Petra news agency said.

Masharfeh, a Jordanian national, was arrested hours after the June 6 attack in the Baqaa camp north of Amman.

Jordan is a leading member of the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) group in Iraq and Syria, and has been the target of jihadist attacks.

But no group claimed responsibility for the Baqaa shooting, which authorities said was "an individual and isolated act".

Two weeks later a car bomb killed seven soldiers near a makeshift Syrian refugee camp in Jordan's remote north. That attack was claimed by ISIS.

"Palestinian refugee camps" in Jordan are in fact built-up neighborhoods, which house the descendants of Palestinians who fled Israel during Arab invasions of the Jewish state.

In Jordan, as in most other Arab countries, Palestinians are segregated from the rest of society in an attempt to preserve their "refugee" status as a political weapon, and often complain of discrimination.

There are similar “Palestinian refugee camps” in Syria and Lebanon. In both countries, these neighborhoods have been targeted by sectarian violence.