Grocery store (Illustration)
Grocery store (Illustration)Flash90

Prosecutors have filed an indictment in the Jerusalem District Court against Muhamad Alkam, 18, who lives in Shuafat, for premeditated murder in an argument over change at the grocery store.

According to the indictment, the deceased arrived at the grocery store owned by Alkam's father, in order to buy a few necessities. When he was asked to pay, it became clear that the deceased did not have enough cash, being a few shekels short of the amount.

The murdered man asked the man at the checkout - an employee of Alkam's father - to sell him the items anyway, and to write down the amount he owes. The man declined the request.

In response, the deceased attacked the worker, pushing him while verbally abusing him, which led to a scuffle between the Alkam family and the family of the murdered man, who arrived at the scene.

In order to calm the tensions, the two sides separated, and agreed to meet later in order to straighten things out.

That evening, Alkam and the deceased met near the "Alian" restaurant in the neighborhood, and the argument between the two started up once more.

Alkam entered the restaurant kitchen, concealed one of their knives under his clothing, followed the deceased down the road and stabbed him with the kitchen knife.

After a short while, the man died of his wounds.