IDF soldiers near Jerusalem
IDF soldiers near JerusalemHadas Parush / Flash 90

Silent in the night, the regional "Yehuda" brigade successfully completed a broad-scale operation in the Kfar Dura region, as part of their efforts to track down the killers of Rabbi Michael Mark, and their accomplices.

Around a month ago, Rabbi Mark was driving on Highway 60 when a terrorist shot at his car, killing him, and wounding his wife and two of his children.

During the operation, IDF forces spread through the village, stopping at the home where the terrorist shooter had been hiding before he was killed, and arresting his relative.

Similarly, members of the IDF Kfir Brigade, in tandem with the Israel Police and Shabak, impounded a car which was purchased by the terrorist, it seems, in order to carry out the attack.

Meanwhile, just east of Jerusalem, extraction forces and police raided the town of Hizme, confiscating funds intended for the terror organization Hamas.

After receiving police intelligence that there were illegal weapons in Kfar Jamla, IDF forces and police officers moved into the area, confiscating a Kalashnikov rifle and ammunition for the firearm.

The suspected owner of the Kalashnikov has been arrested and taken in for questioning.