Mark Langfan
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Mark Langfan, Chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI), commented Tuesday on the case of Lenny, the 90-year old Jew who spontaneously apologized to the daughter of a top Palestinian terrorist for so-called “Islamophobia,” when he bumped into her and her daughters at a Boston bookstore.

Lenny's apology was featured in a viral post by the woman, Leena Al-Arian, but as Arutz Sheva revealed – Leena is none other than the activist daughter of Islamic Jihad honcho Sami Al Arian, who did jail time for his terror activity and was deported from the US.

“American ‘2-State’ Jews have swallowed the Orwellian notion that somehow in America Muslims are being threatened," said Langfan.

Despite the numerous Islamic terror attacks on Americans soil, he asserted, "I haven’t heard a single Muslim religious leader clearly denounce the barbaric acts routinely perpetrated by Muslims against anybody. Is this Jewish guy crazy? They should be apologizing to us.”

Langfan explained that the problem is only further acerbated by the Israeli leftist leaders like Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak who "spout vicious blood libels against Israel" by claiming Israel is an “Apartheid State” and that Israel is showing “seeds of fascism.”

American leftist Jews have been “brainwashed” into thinking it’s Israel's fault that it hasn’t already created "a West Bank Palestinian State that would serve as a launching pad for the same rockets now being fired from Gaza," Langfan added. Meanwhile, he said, Israel itself "is doing virtually nothing to explain the actual reality that a return to the 1948 'Green Line' would be an Auschwitz 2.0 for Israel’s 6 million Jews.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu "doesn’t help matters" by constantly claiming he wants the "2-state solution" too, the New York based Jewish-American leader added, “American Jews ask, 'if Netanyahu wants a 2-state solution, how can we be more Israeli than Netanyahu?' My answer is simple, 'If Israel isn’t going to explain the truth about the Auschwitz Borders of 1948, our organization, AFSI, will!!'”

A one-man hasbarah machine, Langfan has appeared at countless venues over the years to explain the strategic threat that Israel would face if it made any further concessions in Judea and Samaria.