Attorney Ilan Katz meets with father of Elor Azariya
Attorney Ilan Katz meets with father of Elor Azariya יוני קמפינסקי

Charlie Azariya, the father of Elor, the soldier currently on trial for killing a wounded terrorist, was admitted to Assaf HaRofeh medical center this evening, after he suspected that he was suffering a minor stroke.

He is currently undergoing testing; he is conscious and able to speak with his family.

Charlie has accompanied his son throughout the arduous court hearings to which he has been subject.

Commenting on the court proceedings, Charlie noted "I have never seen something like this in my life. It is corrupt - [they are] liars. They're doing whatever they can to finagle a case. Lord! They want to put him in jail for operational activity," Charlie had said at one of the hearings at the military court in Jaffa.

"I don't feel like this is a fair trial [...] For this I sent my son [to the army]?"

This morning, Elor's lawyer, Ilan Katz, blamed the press and politicians for trying to seal Azariya's fate before the trial had even started. "Azariya's verdict was decided in the press the second the indictment was filed," he said.

"It's hard to function when the Minister of Defense doesn't wait for a military investigation and already decides that 'the soldier acted excessively.'"

Nevertheless, Katz remained optimistic about the results of the trial. "I promise that Elor will not serve the jail time they think he will," he said. "We're aiming for victory. Despite claims, his testimony did not collapse in court."