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Theft thief stealing money robberyThinkstock

Prosecutors filed an indictment today (Tuesday) in Beer Sheva against a 34-year-old man from northern Israel who posed as a senior IDF officer, then methodically proceeded to develop relationships with several women from southern Israel, eventually stealing money and valuables from them.

According to the indictment, the accused got in contact with four women from Southern Israel through Whatsapp and email, presenting himself as "Rotem Karni," a supposed senior IDF officer and elite combat fighter who was injured in Operation Pillar of Defense. Eventually, he developed romantic relations with them, going so far as to propose marriage.

When the women started to suspect him, he left their apartments, stealing money and valuables from them.

At the end of June 2016, the accused sent a CV to the Upper Galilee Employment Center, now presenting himself as "Rotem Kedem," stating in the CV that he was an IDF officer, a holder of an MA from the prestigious Interdisciplinary Center of Herziliya, and that he had work experience as a ranch-hand.

On the basis of the CV, the accused received employment as a ranch-hand on a kibbutz, including lodging and an advance payment of 1500 shekels in addition to his salary.

The indictment charges the accused with obtaining items under false pretext, posing as a soldier, theft, and other offenses. In the past, the man had served jail sentences for other scams, having been released from his last prison term at the beginning of this year.