Muslim women in burqa face veils
Muslim women in burqa face veilsSerge Attal/Flash 90

Two British Muslim women have been jailed after locking the five-year-old son of one of the women in a dark cupboard for ten hours while they went to the beach - among other crimes they committed against the boy over a four year period.

The boy had been stripped of his clothing and locked in a dark cupboard for ten hours with only fruit and water. When the two women returned, the frightened boy was found sitting in his own excrement.

The two women showed no remorse as they were led to their jail sentences. The mother of the boy is sentenced to 2.5 years while her friend is sentenced to 4 years.

The friend of the mother had displayed appalling cruelty to the boy over a four year period. In one incident, she had hit the boy over the head with a metal pole. In another incident, as the boy and his sisters were getting ready to go to mosque, the woman hit him over the head with a high-heeled shoe that caused a deep cut in his scalp; the two women tried gluing the gash together with superglue.

A detective involved with the investigation, Mike Ryan, commented on the abuses against the boy: "He had no means of defending himself from the people he knew and trusted. The family friend inflicted cruel punishment over a long period of time, and his mother who should have been there to protect him, failed and instead was complicit in his neglect.

"The physical assaults he suffered are beyond comprehension and can only be described as barbaric and vile," said Ryan, as reported by The Daily Mail.