Women of the Wall (File)
Women of the Wall (File) Flash90

The "Israel Religious Action Center" (IRAC) of the Reform Movement has called for a legal sanctions against Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, the Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan and Rabbi David Yosef, Rabbi of Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood.

In a letter sent to Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked, IRAC claimed that statements Rabbi Ariel made regarding homosexuals and their children at the "Ramle Convention," where the topic had been "Between Israel and the Nations," were "unfitting."

An attachment to the letter shows Rabbi Ariel saying that "parenthood without a [mother and father] is not natural parenthood, it is not normative. A child needs two parents, in other words a mother and a father. A child of two females or two males is not a normative child..."

In the letter, IRAC says that "Rabbi Ariel's statements against same-sex families, defining the couple as sick or disabled and their very existence as unnatural, as well as defining their children as 'not normative' and as 'lacking parents-' these are harsh, inciteful and demeaning statements that are meant to exclude an entire population from society."

The letter against Rabbi Yosef was sent to the Commission for State Services. In the letter, IRAC claimed that in his weekly sermon, the Rabbi had come out strongly against the Women of the Wall.

Among other things, Rabbi Yosef had expressed that "Women of the Wall is licentiousness, it is crude and immodest...they stand and yell on purpose so that everyone will hear them. It is the opposite of modesty, it is [...] vulgarity, shame- they have no shame."