Rabbi Yigal Levinstein
Rabbi Yigal LevinsteinLiba organization

Mickey Gitzin has called on Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai and Religious Council head Eldad Mizrahi to fire the rabbis who supported Rabbi Yigal Levinstein.

Gitzin is the director of Be Free Israel and a member of the Tel Aviv Municipality on behalf of Meretz.

In his letter, he explained: "In the past few days we have witnessed a public uproar over the Rabbi Levinstein's incitement. Yesterday, a group of 300 inciting rabbis from across Israel effectively encouraged attacks and violence against the LGBT community."

Gitzin demanded that Huldai and Mizrahi to prosecute the rabbis. "Three hundred rabbis signed the letter, including three Tel Aviv rabbis: Rabbi Yuval Alpert from Jaffa; Rabbi Daniel Miller, the head of the Aviva Hatorah Yeshiva; and Rabbi Shimon Asher, a neighborhood rabbi in Tel Aviv.

"Rabbis Alpert and Miller are with independent institutes, but Rabbi Asher is a public official who receives his salary from public funds. He should be summoned for a hearing prior to being fired due to his participation in incitement.

"I believe that the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality should also refrain from cooperating with the rabbis who incite others, like Alpert and Miller."

Rabbi Levinstein heads the Eli pre-military academy. He is an outspoken opponent of homosexuality.