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Brigadier General Ofek Buchris's wife Na'ama has stood beside her husband since the uproar began, and is still supporting him now that prosecutors have filed charges.

General Buchris is charged with sex crimes, including rape, against his subordinate soldiers.

"I am surprised and shocked by the Military Advocate General's (MAG) cowardly decision," she told Yediyot Ahronot. "It had all the legal tools to end this story.

"This decision, along with the scandalous manner in which the interrogation was conducted, raises concern over things that I naively didn't believe could happen," Na'ama added. "The only faith we have held on to over these passing months is in Ofek and his integrity. Nothing is stronger than what we have at home."

On Thursday, the MAG announced that it had is charging General Buchris with rape and sodomy. The MAG noted that it made its decision with a heavy heart, in light of the fact that Buchris is a well-regarded officer and soldier.

"As part of the thorough investigation, evidence came to light that suggested the officer carried out a number of serious sexual crimes against a low-ranked soldier in her compulsory service and towards a female officer, while the two served under his command as the head of the Golani Brigade. Therefore, the MAG decided to file charged," said an IDF spokesperson.

Buchris held a press conference outside of his Galilee home last night, during which he claimed that nothing ascribed to him in the charges ever took place.

"I was shocked to learn of the MAG's decision to file charges. The entire issue will be made clear in the court. Everyone who reviewed in the investigation knows that there is no truth the charges. For now there is a piece of paper that says I did this or that, and it is a bill that must be settled."

He explained: "This is a battle for my life and I will win it. These things never happened. The indictment is a bill that must be paid. These charges have no truth behind them. I am certain that, when the issue is brought to the court in a public hearing, the truth will come to light. I thank my supporters, my friends and all those who encouraged us and helped us along the way."

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