Border Police arrest Lehava protesters
Border Police arrest Lehava protestersEliran Aharon

Border Police officers went toe-to-toe with Bentzi Gopstein today, as the nationalist Lehava leader led a protest against the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade.

Gopstein has been outspoken against the parade, announcing on recently on Facebook:

"At 5:00 p.m. this Thursday, in Jerusalem's Liberty Bell Park, we will try to stop the Pride Parade, which will feature all of society's scum and filth -- the bottom of the barrel of the human race -- whose only goal is to spread their pollution and befoul the atmosphere of the holy city. There is no need to waste words on these people's filth."

Out of concern that protesters may harm the gay pride parade, police have arrested at least 10, while others held up signs saying "It's not pride, it's abomination," and "Proud to be Religious."

Some of those arrested are reportedly American citizens.