Pride flag in center of Jerusalem
Pride flag in center of JerusalemEphraim Holzberg

Jerusalem's Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi Aryeh Stern has asked Mayor Nir Barkat to remove the LGBT rainbow flags from around the Great Synagogue and adjacent Hechal Shlomo.

Rabbi Stern became involved in the issue after a local resident complained about the placement of LGBT flags near one of the capital's most visible symbols of religion. The flags were hung in preparation for Thursday's Pride Parade.

Rabbi Stern's letter explained: "I have a modest request. Without getting into the controversy surrounding the 'Parade,' it would be appropriate to remove the flags from the street next to the Jeshurun Synagogue and Hechal Shlomo."

He added, "I am certain that this gesture would lower the tension and show consideration for the holiness of Jerusalem."

Furthermore, Rabbi Stern says that he will consider appealing directly to the Open House for Pride and Tolerance, asking them to lower the flags out of concern for sensitive feelings.