Anti-Trump delegates at Republican National Convention
Anti-Trump delegates at Republican National ConventionReuters

Some Republican National Convention delegates broke out into a floor protest on Monday afternoon after GOP officials dismissed a last-gasp effort by anti-Donald Trump groups to force an embarrassing protest vote against the presumptive presidential nominee, CNN reported.

The anti-Trump forces started shouting "Roll Call" after the party leaders approved by acclamation rules at the start of the convention that barred them from registering their opposition, according to Reuters.

The rules were adopted by voice vote shortly after 4:00 p.m. local time, then after frantic protests, a second voice vote was taken as Trump opponents shouted repeatedly for a roll call vote.

But party leaders declared there was insufficient support to allow for a roll-call vote that would record the number of delegates opposed to Trump.

In response, according to Reuters, some delegates walked out of the convention in protest at the leaders' ruling while others chanted loudly, demanding a roll-call vote take place.

Trump last week declared the so-called "Never Trump" movement dead, tweeting that "#NeverTrump is never more."

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