Boulder, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado iStock

A resident of Boulder, Colorado was sentenced to one year imprisonment, combined with work, for sending threatening letters containing a white substance to Jewish organizations in Colorado.

Jeffrey Thomas Klingel, 34, will leave the jail in the morning for work, and will return to the jail in the evening. Klingel's sentence also includes four years of probation.

The severity of Klingel's crimes could have technically allowed for jail time of up to five years. In March, Klingel admitted to sending the threatening letters and using material that was intended to look like chemical weaponry.

In the end, the white material on the letters was found to be corn starch.

According to JTA, Klingel's lawyer noted that his client holds conspiracy theories concerning the terror attacks of September 11, believing them to be perpetrated by the Israeli government. His lawyer also told The Daily Camera that his client is mentally ill.

Klingel claimed in court that he wasn't antisemitic, but rather had been swept by the internet into a sea of conspiracy theories. He also attributed his behavior the drug Ambien.

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