Gay pride march (illustration)
Gay pride march (illustration)Reuters

Be'er Sheva Deputy Mayor, Ofer Kardi, Chariman of the Shas movement in the southern city, told Arutz Sheva that the Supreme Court's decision to allow the gay pride parade to go through side streets rather than through the city center was balanced and responsible.

Kardi claims that the fact that organizers subsequently cancelled the parade shows that their real intention always was to provoke the city residents.

"In order to live with each other we have to learn to compromise. This is a very traditional city and a parade like this going through the main roads had the potential of disturbing the public peace," he said. "This is what the police determined and it appears that this reasoning convinced the Supreme Court as well."

"They actually requested that parade-goers dress appropriately, and not provocatively," Kardi noted in praise of the organizers, "we just wanted to move it to a relatively less central road. They need to learn to live together, and not take the conflict route. But they have no principles, they just want to provoke us and that's a shame.

"Everyone generally understands that extremism doesn't fly in a city like Be'er Sheva, which is so gentle and tolerant. We explained to them that it could get out of control and there's no place for parades in Be'er Sheva. The city is ruled by law, order, and logic, not extremism. Be'er Sheva is a quiet, traditional city and I'm happy that logic reigns supreme and the the judges understood that."

Kardi declared that Be'er Sheva will continue to show nothing but tolerance toward the gay community.

"No one would have gained anything if this show of power would have went ahead in the city center," he insisted. "The truth is that there aren't many people from their community in our city, but we also don't oppose them. If they want funding, they can absolutely go through the proper channels. Our city hall is run with transparency. There are committees with which they can file all the relevant documents and they will receive all the proper attention and treatment they deserve."