John Kerry, John Kirby
John Kerry, John KirbyReuters

The US administration expressed concern over the NGO "Transparency Law" that was adopted by the Knesset this week.

"Although some of the issues that bothered us were changed in the final version of the law, we still are opposed to the possible effects of this legislation - especially that it limits NGOs," Kirby said, adding: "governments need to protect freedom expression in their countries for those that oppose the government as well, and allow all voices to be heard."

Before Kirby's announcement, the European Union came out with its own expression of opposition to the Israeli law.

"The requirements for transparency imposed by the new law go beyond what is legitimately needed. It appears that the goal of the law is to limit the work of NGOs that represent an integral part of the shared values for unity and for Israel."

The European Union also intimated that the law was likely to harm the freedom of speech of these NGOs.