Car crash (archive)
Car crash (archive) Magen David Adom

Former Police Inspector General Roni Alsheikh is used to dealing with issues from the bird's eye view of higher-level command; however, it appears that he is also a capable paramedic when needed.

Alsheikh was driving by the La Guardia interchange when he noticed a collision of three cars. He got out of his car and immediately started tending to a 65-old-woman lightly injured at the scene, according to Hebrew daily Yisrael Hayom.

Roman Brodsky, a senior medic who arrived at the scene, noted that all those injured had been accounted for, except one.

"I proceeded to go help the injured woman when I was surprised to find that she was being treated by none other than former Inspector General Alsheikh, who had stopped his car and was administering first aid.

"After Alsheikh made sure that the woman was in the hands of the paramedics, he continued on his way, and we evacuated the injured woman to the hospital," according to Yisrael Hayom.

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