Theresa May, who will be the UK's next Prime Minister, gave a speech in front of an enthusiastic pro-Israel crowd at an event hosted in London by the B'nei Akiva UK youth movement last year marking Israel's independence day.

World Bnei Akiva Chief Roi Abekasis recalled the event. "The central Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israeli independence day) celebration in London is a huge event attended annually by thousands of members of the Jewish community. A senior politician from the British government is traditionally hosted at the event and last year we had the pleasure of hearing an enthusiastic Zionist speech from Theresa May. Some of the speech was even in Hebrew."

In the speech May emphasizes the importance of the continued existence of the state of Israel and of remembering those who gave their lives to bring it independence. The future Prime Minister also says in the speech that she sees Israel as an important ally of Britain, and sees herself as a personal friend of the Jewish people.