Breaking the Silence
Breaking the Silence Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

The Kibbutz Movement has decided to work with the radical leftist organization Breaking the Silence over the coming school year.

During a meeting several weeks ago, the attendees rejected four kibbutzim's request to reopen the decision for ratification.

According to the text of the resolution, the Kibbutz Movement's education and projects branch will cooperate with Breaking the Silence over the next school year. A document sent to Movement members included a section reading: "As part of the belief that Breaking the Silence's actions have the added value of maintaining the character of the Israeli society as a democracy and advancing a conversation about the army's role in a democratic society, we propose working together in activities with youths while maintaining the principle of the instructors' and educators' free choice on whether or not to take part. This includes hikes, social gatherings and training sessions."

Shai Glick, a right-wing activist for human rights, told Arutz Sheva that the resolution crosses a red line. In his words, "the decision was passed through underhanded means even though several members opposed it. I asked several members, including Eitan Broshi and Haim Yalin, to check whether it was appropriate for the Movement, which that sent its best sons prominent roles in the IDF, to cooperate with a biased organization that spread blood libels about IDF soldiers. This isn't what the kibbutz youths should hear."

The Kibbutz Movement stated in response that it "does not need anyone's moralizing. That 95 percent of kibbutz children serve in meaningful and combat roles in the IDF speaks for itself, as well as the hundreds of youths who spend a year volunteering before enlisting in the army.

The Kibbutz Movement is not working with Breaking the Silence. The Kibbutz Movement decided not to allow Breaking the Silence help coordinate its Rhapsody event. Instead, we limited the meeting with the group to people aged 18 and over, should they choose to attend. Breaking the Silence will appear alongside numerous other groups from across the political spectrum, including My Truth, officers and commanders from the Officer Training School, soldiers from various IDF units and many social activists."

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