Some of the stolen items
Some of the stolen items Israel Police

Four Arabs, residents of eastern Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, were arrested by police on suspicion of serial theft and breaking into many residential homes in the south of Israel.

The gang of burglars were caught on their way back to Jerusalem when they attempted to escape from police. Two suspects were immediately arrested upon fleeing their vehicle and two others were captured after a short chase.

After sweeping the area, police discovered that the suspects’ vehicle was stolen and had its plates replaced. Furthermore, stolen property was discovered in their car including jewelry, computers, cameras, cash and burglary tools.

The suspects were brought in for questioning in Jerusalem, where investigators learned that the men had coordinated the dates of the string of robberies: they would arrive in a southern town and divide the tasks between them to observe and scan the houses, then break in and steal. Upon returning to Jerusalem, they would divide the stolen property.

The gang is responsible for about ten burglaries during the past two weeks. Police have identified three of the targeted homes and returned the stolen property back to their rightful owners.

The suspect’s arrest was extended twice and they are expected to appear before the Magistrate Court on Sunday for a hearing.

“The arrest regards a gang of thieves who operated methodically and coordinated together in order to break into homes and steal everything in sight,” said Jerusalem’s central district police commander.

"The determined and professional work of the Central Unit detectives and investigators led to the arrest of the gang who will soon be prosecuted. We will continue our consistent work to increase the public’s sense of security,” he promised.