Firefighters (file)
Firefighters (file) Flash 90

Eight firefighting teams together with six firefighting aircraft have been vigorously working to extinguish a fire which broke out Thursday at the Nahal HaShofet Nature Reserve and HaZore'a Forest near the northern city of Yokne’am.

All hikers were evacuated from the area as well as approximately 3,000 Tzofim (girl and boy scouts) who were attending summer camp. The youth left the area before the fire managed to reach their encampments.

Meanwhile, Israeli police continue to scan and clear the woods. Police, Fire and Rescue teams, representatives of the Gilboa Council, the National Parks Authority and Magen David Adom teams continue to work together to subdue the flames and maintain public safety.

No injuries were reported in the fire.

Earlier in the day, a fire broke out in the electric power company in Petah Tikva. As a result, the downtown area remained without power for a while.

Moreover, a fire broke in the morning in the northern village of Nofit. Two people suffered smoke inhalation as a result of a washing machine which inexplicably burst into flames.