Iron Dome missile defense
Iron Dome missile defense Gili Yaari /Flash 90

A joint missile defense shield integrating American and Israeli systems was successfully tested, security officials announced on Wednesday.

The missile defense shield, which is designed to counter large-scale rocket and missile attacks by regional foes like Hezbollah and Iran, includes land and sea-based surface-to-air missile systems developed by Israel and the United States.

The recent test simulated a massive two-pronged attack from Lebanon and Iran involving thousands of rockets and missiles.

During the attack, Israeli and American missile defense platforms in the region were linked up, connecting both to American radar systems to track incoming projectiles.

The test included Israeli Arrow 2 and 3 missiles, the “David’s Sling” missile system, US Patriot missile batteries, American THAAD air defense interceptor batteries, and sea-based Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Systems.

The operation was part of a joint project between Israel’s Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) and the American Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

Israeli Defense Ministry officials said the successful test was “another milestone in the missile defense program, which is a cooperation between the US and Israel.”

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