Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Yair Lapid may be backing off of the draft equality for haredim issue.

In conversation with voters on his official Facebook page, Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid said today (Monday) that if the Supreme Court approves the army draft law passed by the current government, he won't try to change it in later governments - even if he becomes Prime Minister.   

This represents a shift of policy as Lapid made the issue central to his activities in the government in 2013. 

The draft law promoted by Lapid and passed by the Knesset aimed to gradually integrate haredim into the army or national service, even going so far as to stipulate jail time for those who refuse to serve. After Yesh Atid lost its place in the government coalition following the 2015 elections, the law was amended under the influence of the haredi parties, and is widely seen to have lost its efficacy. 

"I'm saying now, what the Supreme Court decided is fine with me," Lapid said, "if they approve the current law, I'll accept that. The issue of draft equality will not be on the table if and when we lead the next government."

Regarding his campaign maligning the haredi population during his stint in government, the MK claimed, "I don't hate them, we just wanted to help them integrate and do justice to those who do contribute to the country." Lapid added that "Unworthy things were said by both sides."

Lapid also addressed the worrying phenomenon of the harassment of haredi soldiers in haredi neighborhoods. "We need to fight this ugly phenomenon. Its a crime. A haredi soldier in uniform returning home after protecting the Jewish people must feel safe, and if he doesn't, the state must deal with the matter severely and with no hesitation."