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Kuwait's interior ministry announced on Sunday night that it had foiled three attacks on the country planned by the Islamic State (ISIS) group, Reuters reports, citing the state news agency KUNA.

The attacks were foiled after security forces launched raids that resulted in the arrest of suspected terrorists.

"The interior ministry said on Sunday it foiled three terrorist plots targeting the country's security by directing three pre-emptive raids inside and outside Kuwait against terrorist elements of the so-called Daesh," said a statement on KUNA, referring to the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

The statement did not provide details of the identities of the suspected terrorists, or the countries in which they had been arrested, according to Reuters.

Kuwait has several times apprehended terror cells in the country, including in November of 2015, when six men suspected of belonging to ISIS were arrested.

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said at the time said the cell was allegedly involved in recruiting for ISIS, as well as providing logistics and funding for the terror group.

In September, 24 people were charged with plotting attacks against the Gulf state in collaboration with Iran and Hezbollah.

Kuwait has been on alert since an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up at a Shiite mosque in the capital Kuwait city in June of last year, killing 27 people.