Michael Mark, 48, was murdered in the attack
Michael Mark, 48, was murdered in the attack Credit: Itzik Cohen

One of the victims of Fridays's deadly drive-by shooting attack south of Hevron has described the moments his parents were gunned down in front of his eyes, leaving his father - 48-year-old Michael Mark - dead and his mother, Chava, severely wounded.

His 15-year-old sister was also shot in the attack, and was hospitalized in moderate-to-serious condition.

"They shot at us from the side where my sister was sitting next to me, on my left - then suddenly dad wasn't moving anymore," the 14-year-old boy recounted.

He was lightly injured as well, when the car flipped after Palestinian Arab terrorists sprayed it with some 20 bullets.

The teenager described the terrifying moment his fatally injured father lost control, causing the car to flip.

Palestinian passersby who witnessed the attack helped to free the stricken family from the car, he said.

"Some Arabs managed to open the door and get us out. They put us in a car so nothing would happen to us," he recounted.

The Palestinian who came to the site of the attack was accompanied by his wife, a doctor by profession, who immediately began performing CPR to the seriously wounded mother.

Her 14-year-old son is due to be released from hospital later tonight. His sister, who is still in moderate condition, will be discharged in the coming days, doctors say.

His mother, however, is still in serious condition. Doctors performed a number of life-saving surgeries on her and she is out of danger, but will have a long road to recovery.

The Mark family, residents of Otniel in Judea, is sadly no stranger to deadly Arab terrorism.

Mother Chava, who was seriously injured in this attack, is the aunt of Yonadav Hirschfeld, one of the eight high school students murdered in the 2008 shooting attack on the Merkaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem.

The couple's older son Shlomi is married to Iska - the daughter of Eliyahu Ben-Ami of Otniel who was killed in a shooting attack in 2000.

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