Donald Trump
Donald Trump Reuters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday reiterated his support for Israel and said that, as President, he would “protect Israel 100 percent”.

Trump's comments, quoted by The Washington Free Beacon, came in response to a question by an anti-Israel man who attended his New Hampshire rally.

The man took the microphone during the question-and-answer section of the event and told Trump he had two points to make.

“Number one, I’m opposed to the murder of unborn babies being legal,” he said. “Number two, I’m opposed to our wasting our military in the Middle East on behalf of Zionist Israel. Thank you.”

In response, Trump said, “Well, let me just tell you Israel is a very, very important ally of the United States, and we are going to protect them 100 percent. 100 percent.”

Israel, added Trump, has “been our most reliable—it’s our true friend over there, and we’re going to protect Israel 100 percent. As to number one, we’re with you.”

Trump has continuously expressed his support for Israel and has promised to increase American military aid to the Jewish state.

A senior aide to Trump recently told Israel's Channel 2 News that Israel need not rush to negotiate a new Memorandum of Understanding with the current administration because a Trump White House would significantly increase aid to Israel.

“Our view is that the aid package to Israel will certainly not go down, and in all likelihood it will go up in a material amount, because Israel must maintain a technological and military superiority in the region,” he said.

The advisor also hinted that Israel would find the terms of negotiation with a Trump presidency far more favorable than with the current administration.