Esti Weinstein
Esti Weinstein Police spokesperson

Former Gerrer Hassid Esti Weinstein Weinstein who took her own life after years of estrangement from her family was laid to rest today (Tuesday) in the Yarkon Cemetery in central Israel. Hundreds of people attended her funeral, including some of her Hassidic family members.

In the wake of yesterday's court ruling the funeral was conducted by Weinstein's daughter, Tammy Montag, the only one of her children who left the Gerrer community with her.

In her eulogy, Montag said, "I love you so much. I always loved you. You were my friend, my mother and my role model. It is so difficult to find the words. You were always so amazing and so special. You were open to everyone and always available. My son Sean and I love you and will always remember you in our hearts."

Many of Weinstein's Hassidic family members also attended the funeral. One of her daughters spoke about the estrangement from their mother: "We always remember and can never forget the bitter and terrible day when you left home. We pleaded for answers, we wanted to come with you, but you turned you back on us. We were abandoned as little girls on a clear day, without our mother to explain or to pick up the broken pieces."

She addressed her deceased mother, asking for forgiveness. "Now it is easy for you to see the complete picture. You see that we never intended to hurt you. You understand that there are some things that can never be undone. Now, please accept our apology."