Yair Lapid in the City of David
Yair Lapid in the City of DavidIr David spokesperson

MK Yair Lapid, Chairman of the Yesh Atid party, and MK Mickey Levy from the same party, toured Ir David, the City of David, on Monday.

The Director of Ir David, David Be’eri, guided the two MKs through the historical site, explained about the digging process and told them about the discoveries, including the underground water duct system from the Cana’anite period, an ancient cistern known as "the pit of Jeremiah" and the Herodian street which was Jerusalem’s main road during Second Temple times.

Be’eri showed them the excavation of the street by which pilgrims ascended to the Temple Mount, which connected the Mount with the Pool of Shiloach.

They also received accounts of the excitement that accompanied the big finds, from the archaeologists who are doing the digging.

Lapid summed up by saying that “This place, the love you put into it, the magic that is here, are the proof that the devastation is always temporary and the construction is eternal.”

“It is hard not to get a sense of proportion about our times,” added Levy, “when you walk down the Herodian street… and it’s hard not to think about what the Jewish nation has undergone since then.”

“Jerusalem will remain the united capital of the Jewish people forever and ever,” he said. “We did not return to our land after 2,000 years to lose it again.”