Hanin Zoabi
Hanin ZoabiYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint List), who participated in the 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla which ultimately resulted in the cutting of ties between Israel and Turkey, on Sunday night said the reconciliation agreement between the two countries was a clear “admission of murder” by Israel.

"Israel's agreement to transfer 21 million shekels to the Turks constitutes a clear admission of guilt. Even if Israel does not acknowledge it, it is a confession to the murder of nine people, wounding of dozens, kidnapping and piracy in international waters and false persecution,” she charged.

Zoabi called for more flotillas like the Marmara one in order to remove the “criminal siege”, as she put it, over Gaza.

Zoabi is notorious for her anti-Israel statements and actions, despite being an elected member of Israel’s parliament.

Among other things, she has said that Israel has “no right to a normal life,” and that “the Israeli occupation” was behind the murder of Israelis in Bulgaria. She has also declared that Israel should "thank her"for allowing Jews to live in the Jewish state. 

Two years ago Zoabi defended Hamas terrorists who abducted and murdered three Israeli teens, saying they weren't "terrorists" and justifying their actions as a "legitimate" way to "fight the occupation."

She is also reportedly planning on participating in another flotilla attempting to breach Israel’s naval blockade on Gaza.

Her comments come after it was reported that Israel and Turkey reached a deal aimed at ending years of acrimony and restoring normalized ties.

The anticipated agreement comes six years after a Gaza-bound ship departed Turkey in an attempt to break Israel’s anti-Hamas blockade. When Israeli forces boarded the vessel, they were attacked by pro-Hamas Turks on their way to Gaza. Israeli soldiers ultimately opened fire on the attackers.

Despite the Marmara’s claims that it was carrying “humanitarian aid” for the people of Gaza, it was discovered to have been carrying no aid whatsoever.

Under pressure from President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu apologized to Turkey over the incident, and both sides have been working to complete the deal in recent months.

An Israeli official confirmed on Sunday that the agreement had been finalized but added that details would not be officially announced until Monday.