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Agriculture (illustration)Flash 90

JTA - Israel is set to deliver this week thirteen drip irrigation systems to Paraguayan small farmers.

The handover is the result of a technical collaboration process between the Jewish state and Paraguay’s local Federation of Production Cooperatives.

Agricultural producers of the Friesland and Volendam colonies, both located in the San Pedro province, will be the targeted beneficiaries. The delivery ceremony is scheduled for June 29, reported La Nacion newspaper.

“Through this project, small farmers in San Pedro have access for the first time to drip irrigation systems. Producers will use it for growing vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet peppers and carrots, and will be assisted by the federation,” reported the Israeli embassy in Asuncion.

The technology provided by Israeli company Netafim makes the most of every drop of water, achieving greater crop yield using half the water. The application of drip irrigation technology is suitable for all types of soil, and is very compatible with the agricultural practices of Paraguayan producers.

The technical cooperation between both nations was made possible within the framework of the “Family Drip System” plan led by Paraguayan agronomist Edgar Figueredo, a graduate of Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, or Mashav.

Both installation and maintenance will be deployed by local representative Agroganadera Pirapey. The beneficiary farmers are expected to disseminate the newly acquired knowledge, according to Israeli Ambassador Peleg Lewi.

In March, Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes was awarded the Shalom Prize by the World Jewish Congress for “contributions to building coexistence.” In January, Israel donated food and assistance kits to help Paraguayans displaced by massive flooding in the region, the worst in half a century.

The Israeli embassy in Asuncion was reopened last year after the closure in 2002 along with 15 other diplomatic missions around the world due to budgetary constraints. Paraguay is home to some 1,000 Jews, amidst an overall population of nearly 6.7 million.