Marco Rubio
Marco RubioReuters

Senator Marco Rubio has cited the need to kill the Iran deal as one of the reasons for him seeking reelection to the Senate.

Rubio sought the Republican presidential nomination but dropped out of the presidential race soon after losing to Donald Trump in his own state of Florida.

In a statement released Wednesday in which he announced he would run again in Florida, Rubio cited the Iran sanctions relief for nuclear rollback deal, which he had pledged as president to tear up.

“Control of the Senate may very well come down to the race in Florida,” Rubio said in his statement, according to JTA.

“That means the future of the Supreme Court will be determined by the Florida Senate seat. It means the future of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal will be determined by the Florida Senate seat. It means the direction of our country’s fiscal and economic policies will be determined by this Senate seat. The stakes for our nation could not be higher,” the Florida senator added.

It remains unclear how Rubio believes his vote in the Senate could reverse the Iran deal, noted JTA. The most straightforward American exit from the deal would be through a presidential executive order, which is not dependent on Congress.

A congressional bid to kill the deal would require a super-majority of 60 in the Senate, something Republicans are unlikely to secure.

Trump has repeatedly denounced the Iran deal and said he would seek to renegotiate it if elected president. One of those times came during his speech at the AIPAC policy conference, where he declared that his number one number priority is to roll back the “disastrous” deal with Iran.

But despite their agreement on the Iranian issue, Rubio also took aim at Trump in his statement, saying that “the prospect of a Trump presidency is also worrisome to me.”

“His positions on many key issues are still unknown. And some of his statements, especially about women and minorities, I find not just offensive but unacceptable. If he is elected, we will need Senators willing to encourage him in the right direction, and if necessary stand up to him. I’ve a proven willingness to do both,” said Rubio.