Asst. Commisioner Guy Nir
Asst. Commisioner Guy Nir Flash 90

Assistant Commissioner Guy Nir, the head of the Intelligence Section in the Israel Police’s Investigations Department, is seen as the culprit in a series of damaging leaks and will be sacked, according to news site Mako.

The decision was approved by Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich, according to the report, after it became apparent that the disciplinary proceedings against Nir will take a long time. He has been suspended from duty for several months already, leaving the sensitive section he heads leaderless.

Assistant Commissioner Nir and his bureau chief, a female officer who has not been publicly identified, lodged complaints against Deputy Commissioner Ronny Ritman with the Police Internal Investigations Department (Machash).

Senior figures in the Israel Police believe that Nir is behind a series of leaks to the press that included details from the investigation against Ritman, quoted from a conversation between Nir's bureau chief and a Machash investigator, and the contents of a highly sensitive document that surfaced this week, which indicated that police have been compiling criminal dossiers against MKs and ministers.

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