Ahmed and Mohammed Assadi
Ahmed and Mohammed Assadi Courtesy of the family

On Thursday, the funeral of Ahmed and Mohammed Assadi, aged 3 and 4, took place in Deir al-Asad, the Arab town in the Galilee region of Israel, near Karmiel, according to feports.

The boys died as a result of being forgotten inside the family car by their father, Kassem Assadi, who described the tragic event. On the day prior, the father who teaches at a school, forgot to drop his children off at their kindergarten and went to work.

Five hours later, he went to pick them up, but when he entered their kindergarten, the teacher told him that his children never arrived that day. It was then when the father realized what had happened and ran to his car and noticed his children in the back.

Magen David Adom paramedics were called to the scene and upon their arrival, they pronounced the two young brothers dead.

"I address a message to all parents to be cautious and remember their children," the father said, "There are many cases of parents who forget their children inside a car, but I never thought it would happen to me."