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The Conservative Party in Canada, which heads the opposition, on Wednesday accused the Liberal government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of abandoning the fundamental principles of Canadian foreign policy.

In a statement, the Conservatives said that the government has abandoned Israel in order to renew relations with Iran despite its involvement in international terrorism.

“For the past eight months, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and [Foreign] Minister [Stephane] Dion have abandoned our principled stand regarding Canada’s steadfast support for Israel in order to go along to get along with Iran,” the statement said.

“By simply rebranding their ‘honest broker’ position, the Liberals are further isolating our friend and ally Israel at a time when it needs our friendship the most,” it added.

“Iran’s state support of terrorism has been widely acknowledged. The Iranian regime has used terrorism as an essential component of its foreign policy and military strategy. Dealing with Iran is tantamount to irresponsible conviction,” said the Conservative statement.

Foreign Minister Dion recently indicated that Canadian and Iranian officials began talks on resuming relations between the two countries which were severed in 2012 during the Stephen Harper government.

Dion said in parliament several months ago that the government would begin to lift some of the sanctions on Iran following the implementation of the nuclear deal with the West, though he added Canada would also “maintain a level of mistrust for a regime that must not have nuclear weapons, a regime that is a danger to human rights and is not a friend to our allies, including Israel.”

Trudeau later indicated, however, that Canada will not rush to lift sanctions against Iran and would be cautious on making such a move.