Tekuma Director Ofir Sofer with Jewish Home Director Nir Auerbach
Tekuma Director Ofir Sofer with Jewish Home Director Nir Auerbach Hezki Baruch

Members of the National Union-Tekuma faction held a special meeting on Wednesday in the town of Amona, which is slated for demolition later this year after the Supreme Court ruled the community was illegally constructed on Arab-owned land.

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel and MK Bezalel Smotrich toured Amona and heard from local residents regarding the struggle to legalize the community.

Tekuma faction director Ofir Sofer spoke to Arutz Sheva about the legal battle to save the town from a second evacuation. During the February 2006 demolition of nine houses, Israeli security forces clashed with hundreds of demonstrators, leaving some 300 people wounded, including three Knesset Members.

“There are difficulties, and lots of people are trying to find an arrangement for the town,” said Sofer. “We were happy to hear that the Prime Minister said he was obligated to find a solution.”

According to Sofer, the National Union-Tekuma faction intended to expand the number of central committee members from 90 to 120.

“A lot of young people are joining [the central committee], Mizrachim and people from the periphery and the settlements,” said Sofer.

Sofer also talked up the possibility of unifying with the Jewish Home faction. The two factions ran on a joint list in 2013 and 2015, but remain separate parties formally.

“There needs to be a single [united], large religious Zionist party with joint institutions and an equitable [internal] election system. Primaries aren’t equitable.”

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