Haredi protester in Jerusalem (illustration)
Haredi protester in Jerusalem (illustration) Matanya Tausig/Flash 90

Police arrested a rabbi of the Knesset Hizkiyahu Yeshiva in the town of Rechasim after he allegedly interfered with the military police while they attempted to arrest a draft-dodger in the city on Sunday night.

The military police, accompanied by local police, arrived at the home of the young man in question, who did not appear at the military recruitment office for his Tzav Rishon (First Notice) as part of the Israeli army’s mandatory drafting process.

Upon their arrival, police forces encountered protesting residents who claimed that the police had taken unusual measures and were disturbing the public at night. As a result, the police arrested a rabbi for obstructing the police and preventing them from fulfilling their duty.

The suspect was not arrested since he was not at home that night.

Followers of Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach purposefully do not report to recruitment offices, and in many cases encourage provocations. This, despite the fact that in order to obtain an exemption from national service, all most haredi men need to do is simply show up to a recruitment office.

A few months prior, protesters flipped over a patrol car in Ashdod while police attempted to arrest a draft-dodger, and a few weeks after that, protesters attacked an army vehicle in Bnei Brak belonging to a Gur Hasid soldier who serves in the army rabbinate.