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School (illustration)Thinkstock

Approximately 700,000 secondary school students, in grades 7-12, will conclude their last school day of the year on Monday, thus officially kicking off the summer holiday.

On July 1, they will be joined by 1.5 million primary school and kindergarten students.

During the summertime vacation, the Ministry of Education will conduct the “Different Summer” program which will include a variety of fun activities for children and teens, including "schools of summer vacation", "cities of children and youth", "digital summer camps”, “travelling safely to Eilat” and more.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) wished the students a pleasant vacation: "Dear students, the summer holiday is upon us. Have a great holiday. While it is a break from school, it should also be a meaningful time.”

“I wish each and every one of you to use this time appropriately and to advance yourselves in something, [like the] development of values, culture, and to spend time volunteering to help others; spend quality time with your family, go for a walk, plan your hours of leisure and, most importantly, do not spend all day in front screens,” said Bennett.

"We at the Ministry of Education will continue to guide you and provide you with the best tools needed to learn next year,” added Bennett. “In the past year we have added an assistant in kindergartens, we reduced the number of students in elementary school per classroom, and revolutionized high school mathematics.”

The Minister of Education took pride in his many achievements, ''We have also established the Erez Biton Committee to change the approach of Middle Eastern cultural heritage in schools. Next year we will continue to operate and promote. I wish you all a pleasant vacation.”