Alan Weinkrantz
Alan Weinkrantz Hillel Fuld

A Texan hi-tech PR and social media guru killed in a tragic car accident in Tel Aviv Saturday night has been eulogized as one of Israel's biggest supporters in his field.

San Antonio public relations specialist Alan Weinkrantz was among three people killed when a car veered off the road and slammed into a restaurant in central Tel Aviv last night. Six other people were injured in the incident, which police say was an accident and not terror-related.

The United States Embassy in Israel notified his son Aaron of the entrepreneur's tragic death, according to the San Antonio Express.

On Sunday, tributes to a man who spent much of the past 25 years shuttling to and from the Jewish state poured in from friends and associates in both America and Israel. Weinkrantz was on a business trip to Israel at the time of his death.

"Alan was my biggest supporter in tech, he was Israel's biggest tech social media supporter," Israeli entrepreneur Nir Kouris wrote on Facebook. "He was my mentor," he said of the social media specialist.

An online fund to raise money for his funeral had already raised nearly $8,000 by early Sunday afternoon in Israel.

Police believe the fatal accident at the Furama Chinese restaurant on the corner of Ben Yehuda and Idelson streets occurred when the driver suffered a heart attack.

An investigation is still ongoing.

Hillel Fuld, Co-Founder of ZCast Startup and a friend of Weinkrantz, remembered him as magnanimous and caring.

"Someone once told me that the best people are the ones God wants closest to Him," said Fuld. "How those words ring in my ears today."

"He was 100% good. No strings attached. No other word to describe my friend Alan. Good."

"Alan lived to help others. Not to help in order to get paid or have his favors returned. Just to help for the sake of helping. That's what he loved to do. Some people love partying, some love singing, playing, working, exercising. Alan loved helping. He was a true professional, a loyal friend, and a real geek. But beyond that, well behind that; he was a superb human being. A mensch of the highest level."