Roadblocks Police spokesperson

Arab terrorists threw four Molotov cocktails at a home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv on Friday morning.

The projectiles exploded and set off a fire. One struck a window, while the rest landed in the yard. The house's window was lightly damaged.

The firebombs were thrown from al-Rabaya Street in Jabel Mukaber. Police and Border Police hurried to the scene and began an immediate investigation. They soon arrested four people, all Arabs from Hevron, on suspicion of carrying out the attack, as well as illegally residing in Jerusalem.

Authorities have decided to block traffic on the road to Rabaya and to thoroughly inspect passers-by. "The police expect that the local authorities will demonstrate responsibility and leadership, and that they will call for restoring the peace. As soon as the security situation is stabilized, police will ease their actions," read an official statement.

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