Oliver Rosenberg
Oliver RosenbergPR photo

In the wake of the Orlando Massacre in which 49 people were murdered by a Muslim terrorist, Oliver Rosenberg, a Jewish Democratic challenger to Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D), has stated that the incumbent, Congressman Jerry Nadle, “ needs to explain how he can be pro-LGBT” when he voted for and  supported the Iran nuclear deal.

That deal, he noted, gave “$150 billion to an Iranian regime that preaches anti-gay hatred and terror.  How can Jerry Nadler claim to be pro-gay and fund an Iranian anti-gay terror regime at the same time?”

Rosenberg’s press release stated that the “Islamist theocratic dictators of Iran hang gay men.” Regarding the Orlando massacre, he asserted, “An imam from Iran who says gay people should be killed spoke at an Orlando mosque just weeks before the attack.”

Rosenberg is running for US Congress in the June 28th Democratic primary. He is the first primary challenger Jerry Nadler has faced in twenty years. New York’s 10th District includes the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Greenwich Village and portions of Lower Manhattan and portions of Brooklyn including Borough Park, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Sunset Park.