“Every friend of Israel is a friend of the United States and every enemy of Israel is an Enemy of the United States,” said Governor Michael "Mike" Dale Huckabee, 44th Governor of Arkansas and two-time GOP presidential hopeful. Speaking on Wednesday during the second day of the 16th annual Herzliya Conference, Governor Huckabee said “America is looking into the mirror and sees Israel.”

Huckabee immediately noted that the greatest common foe facing the two countries and the free world is a “radical Islamic ideology that takes us back to the 7th century.” He repeated, “We have a common enemy and that enemy is radical Islam that wishes to destroy civilization itself and wishes to turn the clock back to centuries ago.”

Mentioning the tragic acts of terror in Tel Aviv and Orlando over the past week, Huckabee said that the argument about whether the Orlando shooting was a terror attack or hate crime are “ridiculous. All terror is based on hate.”

He said that he feared that sometimes people were afraid “to call out the common enemy of radical Islam in case we offend someone,” but went on to state that he was offended when innocent people were murdered in the name of an ideology that wishes to destroy all semblance of peace.”

He referred to the “ill-fated and tragic deal to trust the Iranians” saying that “there can be no deal with those who believe it’s okay to murder people” because of their race, religion or ethnicity. “It’s impossible to enter into any agreement with the present leadership of Iran… I hope and pray that it will be rescinded.”

Focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the talks regarding a two-state solution, Huckabee said that the idea is naïve and cannot be realized “unless both sides agree that the other side has a fundamental right to exist.” He said that until there were no longer schools celebrating the death of Jews, there could be no political settlement.

He added that there was no magical formula for the issues but that the base issue of radical Islam and one people wanting to destroy another and celebrating every time someone on the other side was killed had to be solved first. “This is not a conflict about land, or about power, but about existence.”

“Neither Israel nor the United States is perfect but we do have a system of laws that we insist are abided by… we do not name streets after or make heroes out of terrorists.”

Huckabee also focused on the issue of Jerusalem, “the notion that Jerusalem should be divided is nonsense.... Only one nation in the world every claimed it as its capital… it is never even mentioned in the Quran… At some point we have to come to grips that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, not because it has been since 1948 but because it has been for 3000 and it has to be accepted.”

Returning to his original point, Huckabee concluded, “We have to recognize that if it’s good for Israel then it’s ultimately good for the United States and if it’s good for the United States then it’s ultimately good for Israel… the similarities between the two countries are just too glaring to ignore… our alliance is too precious.”

He said that Israel’s sovereignty, safety and security had to be protected because Israel was just the first “domino” and the United States would follow. “Anyone who comes after you is after us next.”