PA TV claims Mt. Meron is part of Palestine
PA TV claims Mt. Meron is part of PalestinePalestinian Media Watch

Official state TV in the Palestinian Authority has claimed Mount Meron in northern Israel as part of “Palestine”.

During a special Ramadan program for children on The Best Home television show, callers on the show were asked trivia questions and awarded prizes.

While the holiday quiz appeared innocuous at first, some of the questions clearly had a political agenda, furthering the goal of delegitimizing the State of Israel and encouraging young Arabs to claim the entirety of “Palestine”.

The Palestinian Media Watch noted, for example, that one of the quiz questions claimed several Israeli locations as being “Palestinian”.

The show’s host asked callers to identify the “highest mountain in Palestine”, giving them the options of Mount Meron in the Galilee, the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, or Mount Ebal in Samaria.

While Mount Ebal is under Palestinian Authority control and the Mount of Olives, though a part of Israel, has been demanded by Arabs seeking an Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders, Mount Meron is well within the Green Line.

Nevertheless Meron was included, and was the winning answer for the question.

The Talmudic scholar Shimon Bar Yochai is buried on Mount Meron, and the area is a popular pilgrimage site, hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year on Lag BaOmer.