Shimon Yochai Lasri
Shimon Yochai LasriNo credit

Rabbi Michael Lasri, a chief rabbi of Bnei Brak and a leading figure for his kiruv efforts, is trying to deal with the loss of his son Shimon Yochai, who drowned last Friday.

In a talk with the website Kikar Hashabbat, the bereaved father said: "People ask, and it's a very difficult question, how could it be that when great tragedies happened in earlier generations, people cried, became emotional and fainted, while in our generation people's eyes remain dry?

"The answer is that in earlier generations, they thought that the Moshiach's coming was far off and so they were very sad. But now everyone feels that the Moshiach is about to arrive. We have already gone through 2,000 years of exile and people feel that the Moshiach is almost at the door. If so, soon we'll all soon see the resurrection of the dead."

Rabbi Lasri continued, "It's just like the sacrifice of Yitzchak. Knowing that perfect is His work, for all His paths are justice. A G-d of faith without iniquity. It's like the sacrifice of Yitzchak, and like the sacrifice of Yitzchak, it applies to the entire Jewish People. The sacrifice of Yitzchak is also personally applicable to the entire Jewish People.

"We need to know that everything that happens in the world is because G-d wants to speak to us. He is talking to us through every event and wants us to grow and get stronger. His will is for us to grow and strengthen and persist in the Torah. Everyone needs to take stock of themselves and to strengthen whatever is connected to holiness. This will raise us the pure souls."