Nissan Slomiansky
Nissan SlomianskyFlash90

MK Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home) was shocked by the graphic footage on social media from the latest terror attack at Tel Aviv's Sarona compound, and is working on a bill that would prevent uncensored dissemination of footage and information from terror and disaster scenes.

The Sarona terror attack was documented by security cameras, and footage included execution-style killings from close range.

According to the new bill, any picture or video from a terror or disaster scene will have to undergo blurring by an authorized person.

Distribution of information from terror and disaster scenes, and publication of the names of the casualties without their permission, or before their families have been informed by the proper authorities, will be deemed an offense punishable by a fine of 15,000 shekels.

“Families and relatives of the dead and wounded learned of what happened or saw videos of the tragedy via social media,” Slomiansky explained, “instead of being informed officially by the authorities or by a close relative.”

“This phenomenon causes public panic,” he added. “In cases where the messages are inaccurate or completely untrue, there is a lot of unnecessary anguish as well.”

The unauthorized dissemination of information and footage encourages terrorists to continue carrying out attacks, he added.