Even among some particularly outrageous media portrayals of Arab terror attacks on Israeli in the past, a strikingly hostile live discussion on MSNBC Wednesday night - as news of the deadly shooting spree in Tel Aviv broke - left many viewers stunned.

Even as images of the carnage at Sarona Market played out on screen, after four people were murdered in a terror attack by two Arab gunmen, two news anchors appeared to compete in exhibiting hostility towards Israel.

One of the two MSNBC presenters has form: Ayman Mohyeldin was caught lying last year after attempting to portray a knife-wielding terrorist as an unarmed man shot by Israeli police simply for cutting in line at a checkpoint.

In his latest reportage, first flagged by the Honest Reporting media watchdog, Mohyeldin repeatedly suggested that the fact that Israel has a right-wing government and was enacting security measures to prevent attacks, somehow justified attacks on Israeli civilians.

His colleague Martin Fletcher joined in the anti-Israel tirade, inexplicably emphasizing Israel's "extreme right-wing" in a report concerning a brutal attack by Palestinian terrorists against Israelis.

As noted by Honest Reporting, the coverage was all the more astonishing in that while it inexplicably focused on supposed Israeli "extremism", nothing was mentioned vis-a-vis the blatant extremism and support for such attacks against civilians by Palestinians - including open celebrations on the streets of Gaza, eastern Jerusalem and Palestinian Authority-ruled cities.